Blyth's movie stars shine at cinema

The Spastic Centres of South Australia is celebrating people’s abilities by hosting the Post No Bills exhibition.

It is part of the SALA Festival and recognises the abilities of people living with disabilities in the Blyth community. 

It is scosa’s first time to host an exhibition as part of the festival.

Four clients living with disabilities painted their own interpretations of famous movie posters, featuring themselves as the “movie stars”.

scosa partnered with professional artist Helen Crawford to teach participants a range of skills and painting techniques. 

Clients Andrew, Peter, Adam and David worked closely with her to produce their pieces of Hollywood magic. David Heinrich, the artist of the Wheels on Fire poster, combined his two great passions, go-karts and his family. 

The exhibition has provided him with a voice and opportunity to express his passion. 

He is already looking forward to the next exhibition.

scosa has been providing services and support to people living with disabilities across a broad range of metropolitan and regional areas for  60 years. 

The exhibition has provided scosa clients with new opportunities to communicate through art.

The 2012 ‘Post No Bills’ Exhibition will be sure to give you a taste of Hollywood.  

The exhibition was officially opened at the Blyth Cinema on August 13.

David Heinrich with his Wheels on Fire poster at the Blyth Cinema.

David Heinrich with his Wheels on Fire poster at the Blyth Cinema.