Wind farm plans scrapped

Beetaloo Valley residents have rejoiced, after Origin Energy decided not to proceed with their proposed windfarm for the Southern Flinders Ranges.

The energy company made the announcement last week, but is remaining tight-lipped on details surrounding the decision.

After Origin announced plans to build the project, the Collaby Hill Wind

Farm Action Group was formed in 2010.

Spokeswoman for the group Anne Beinke said the group was pleased to hear that plans for such a project were scrapped.

“There has been mixed opinion in the community about this project,” she said.

“Our group understands that this is one battle in a big war.”

Ms Beinke said the group would still continue, even though the project in Beetaloo Valley had been disbanded.

“There are hundreds of turbines proposed for the region. Part of the reason we all live in Beetaloo Valley is because we love the area,” she said.

One of the action group’s biggest concerns across the last two years has been health problems of people living close to wind turbines.

Ms Beinke said it was a big worry that very little health research had been conducted about wind turbines.

“It’s like being out at sea and some people get sea-sick, not everyone suffers health problems from living near turbines,” she said.

“Our group supports green energy, but you don’t replace a problem with another problem.”

An Origin spokeswoman said they made the decision as part of its business direction.

“Origin has been conducting environmental and other investigations in the area for just over two years and is very appreciative of the support that the community, local government and business has offered and the way they have worked with us across this period,” she said.

“Origin intends to pursue other projects, which are more progressed in order to deliver an efficient, energy supply for customers, while ensuring an appropriate return on investment.”

Many of the local residents around Beetaloo Valley weren’t notified by Origin, after they decided not to pursue the project.