Charlie’s Plane flies again

Charlie’s Plane flies again

Charlie’s plane is back on display flying high at the junction of Horrocks Highway and Nukunu Yarta Way (Booleroo Centre Road) in Murray Town.

Charlie Aslat lived on a farm three kilometres south of Murray Town where he ran a bore water drilling business with his wife Myrtle.

In 1979 the plane was originally  positioned a third of the way along an avenue of Athol Pines on the north western boundary of the farm and became a local landmark.

The plane was restored by local resident Grant Woolford who along with his son Cooper found out how substantial, well made and heavy the plane was when relocating it.  

Charlie was quite an engineer and amongst other things also made a miniature working train that ran on tracks and was taken to local shows and events providing rides for children.

The restored plane is on top of a four metre pole, back in the air flying into the wind, for all to enjoy.