Booleroo's Colin Nottle elected mayor

Colin Nottle reckons he has plenty of time available to do a good job as new Mayor of Mount Remarkable District Council.

The former deputy chairman succeeds Sandra Wauchope in the leader’s role.

The decision was made in a secret ballot of councillors at a meeting in Melrose on Tuesday.

It was a two-yearly review of the position with Cr Nottle and Cr Wauchope being the nominees.

Cr Nottle said he would have a “slightly” new direction for the council. “I guess everyone has got their own ideas, but we are on a fairly solid track,” he said.

Asked about controversy over poor roads and the emergence last week of a ratepayers’ group, he said the council’s chief executive officer had been approached last year and he came up with a “whole new policy” regarding roads which had been put into place.