Bad week for BHAS

BHAS BLUE: Marie Williams, playing for BHAS, lines up her shot against Wirrabara at the weekend.
BHAS BLUE: Marie Williams, playing for BHAS, lines up her shot against Wirrabara at the weekend.

Well, these would be the worst results for BHAS since I have been playing.  We can’t win all of the time, but we usually get our share of wins.  However, this week all four sides lost, and indeed only one rink won, so we lost seven rinks.  Bowls is good for one’s humility, and the only way is onwards and upwards!

Blue lost to Crystal Brook 33 shots to 38 shots. Judy Underwood’s rink with Helen Magor, Marie Williams and Coral Partridge lost 14 shots to Kay Cox’s rink with 18 shots.  It was 10 shots all on the tenth end, but then Kay’s girls got the upper hand, winning more ends and more shots.

Maxine Northcott’s rink with Wilma Hendry, Shirley Bennett and Lorraine May lost to Agnes Dhu’s rink 19 shots to 20 shots.  Maxine’s girls were in front for most of the match, but then the Brookies scored 6 shots on the 18th end, and got multiples on two of the remaining three ends, giving them a win by the narrow margin of one shot.

Gold lost to Wirrabara 18 shots to 44 shots. Cathy Searle’s rink with Wendy Bennett, Nancy Warne and Joylene Todd lost 13 shots to Lynne Taylor’s rink 15 shots.  It was a tight game and the score was 12 all on the 18th end, But Lynne’s girls won the last two ends and won by 2 shots. Marian Sandow’s rink with Jill Spillman, Lina Amato and Rose Hearn struggled all day, and went down 5 shots to Elizabeth Trott’s rink with 29 shots.

Purple lost to Crystal Brook 22 shots to 41 shots. Di Watson’s rink with Shaz Saler, Glenys Meyers and Ros Everett won 16 shots to 13 shots over Yvonne Tobin’s rink.  The Brookies won the first two ends, but then Di’s girls fought back and were even on the 5th end.  They stayed in front for the rest of the game, even though Yvonne’s girls kept close and challenged on many occasions.

Aggie Davies’ rink with Heather Whitehead, Margaret Madigan and Val Hay lost 6 shots to Dawn Hean’s rink 28 shots.

Dawn’s girls had the upper hand for the match, leaving Aggie’s girls rather battered.  However, as we know, every week is a new game with different outcomes, so we will put this one behind us!

Green lost to Laura/Gladstone 20 shots to 42 shots. Rhonda Coller’s rink with Gwen Turner, Val Funke and Rosanne Norton lost 10 shots to 20 shots against Mary Noll’s rink.  Mary’s girls were 5 shots up on the 18th end, and then scored a further 5 shots on the last three ends, doubling their winning margin.

Dot Dunn’s rink with Diane Eglinton, Ev Whelan and June Osborne lost 10 shots to Kerrie Reed’s rink 22 shots.  After the first few ends Kerrie’s girls hit the front and stayed there, increasing their margin as the game progressed. Well girls, next week is the last game until the New Year.  BHAS girls are supplying lunch for their opponents on the 15th December.