Christmas decorating, the SA way | PHOTOS

Many South Australians take celebrating Christmas to the next level, with unique decorations scattering the state’s countryside.

Painted hay bales are one common sight, but we know that when it comes to Christmas creativity, the possibilities are endless.

We want to see photos of your decorations, no matter where in SA they are – send them through to along with where you can find them. Your photos could feature in our gallery!

One Goolwa resident, Ellizabeth Caldicott, was so inspired by the decorations in her local area that she decided to write a poem about them...

Hay! Hay! Christmas Day!

Way down south

On Waterport Road

Once the grass was long

But now it’s all mowed.

And into big round bales

They packed the hay

Now some are painted

With Christmas spray.

A big fat snowman

Wears a hat of felt

Even in a heat wave

He will never melt!

Rudolph the reindeer

With his nose so red

Wears a pair of antlers

On top of his head.

A heap of green bales

One, two and three

Quite cleverly makes

A Christmas tree.

There’s Santa of course

All dressed up in red

Ready, waiting to visit

Good kids in their bed.

- Elizabeth Caldicott, Goolwa