Gladstone High School to take reconciliation to canvas

Students at Gladstone High School are working on a mural to celebrate reconciliation and raise awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

"We wanted to create a mural that would represent reconciliation and the inclusivity of other cultures at our school,” said science and visual art teacher Emily Johns. Mrs Johns said that the school aims to address the inequity between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples with the artwork.

The project was initiated by teachers, but is now being led by a group of students from years 9-11.

After brainstorming ideas, the students researched images for inspiration and held a discussion on the artwork's design; what elements would be put into it, what they represented and how they would be arranged. Meeting at lunchtime once a week, students from a range of backgrounds, year levels and social groups have come together as a team to work on planning, drawing and painting the mural. After the planning stage is complete, the artwork will be painted onto a large canvas.