Australian Breastfeeding Association Mid North Group celebrates and educates region's mothers

A baby’s first cry. The patter of little feet across a lounge room floor. The mumbling of an infant’s first words.

For all new parents, these moments in their children’s lives are unforgettable.

However as the world becomes busier, these moments can be harder to appreciate and sometimes the stress of caring for a baby can be overwhelming.

But thanks to the work of Australian Breastfeeding Association Mid North Region Group, new mothers across the region can rest assured they will be supported through the early years of parenting. 

The ABA Mid North Group hold meetings for mothers once a month at either Crystal Brook or Port Pirie and offer education and support to breastfeeding mothers.

May’s monthly meeting saw about 20 mothers with their newborns attend a session at Port Pirie West Children's Centre to celebrate National Mothering Week.

For mother of two Leoni Deed, the group provided the guidance she needed to navigate early breastfeeding issues. Leoni could not speak highly enough of the local organisation after they helped her to overcome her children’s lip and tongue tie issues, which affected their ability to be breastfeed.

“It was excellent,” Leoni said. “I felt like everything was going to be fine. I wasn’t afraid, they just made sure I was supported.

ABA Mid North Group breastfeeding counsellor and group leader, Chrissy Mackinnon, said the May meeting was designed to educate and acknowledge special moments in the development of young children.

“The week is all about trying to get mums and families to just stop, have a breath and think about what is really important,” Chrissy said. 

Despite the group’s focus on support and education of mothers in need of breastfeeding assistance, she also encouraged mums who were not facing breastfeeding issues to come along. 

“It helps if a mum with a four-week old comes to talk to a mum with a six-week old and she says, ‘this is what happened and this is normal’ … it is mum-to-mum support,” she said.

In spite of recent developments – such as senator Larissa Waters’ daughter becoming the first baby to be breastfed in federal parliament – she described western society’s attitude to breastfeeding as “really challenging”. “We still hear stories of mums breastfeeding in public and being told to go and breastfeed in the toilet,” she said. “It is such a natural thing. Mums should not have to hide away at all - they should just be able to breastfeed anywhere.” 

The ABA Mid North Group is open to all new mothers and can be found by searching ‘Australian Breastfeeding Association ABA Mid North Region’ on Facebook.


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