Primary Industries and Regions SA call for producer action

With the advent of winter Primary Industries and Regions (SA) are urging sheep producers to be vigilant in checking for virulent footrot.  

As a result of ideal conditions over the past 12 months, PIRSA Animal Health staff have seen more cases of virulent footrot appearing in markets.

Producers are reminded that any sheep sent to market are detected with footrot they can receive a significant fine.

“Footrot can be complicated and best regarded as an ecological phenomenon rather than a simple disease problem, expressing itself clinically when conditions are right,” Chief Veterinary Officer Roger Paskin said.

“Virulent and benign types can survive in perfectly healthy feet for extended periods of time with symptoms only appearing when conditions are right.

“Producers therefore need to remember that a clinically healthy flock isn’t necessarily footrot free.

“A recent review of footrot data from the South East and the Mid North indicates a high peak in detections approximately six months after a high peak in rainfall.

“We had a very wet spring in 2016 followed by a wetter than average summer and autumn. So should rainfall totals this winter and spring finish at above average or above average totals, we can then anticipate ideal conditions remaining until the end of the year.”

For more information on footrot visit the PIRSA website.


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