Jamestown locals give mixed reactions to state govt's big battery announcement

Jamestown residents had mixed reactions to the news that the world's biggest battery would be built nearby.

Lawyer Daniel Sparrow said that while he backed renewable energy, there was a "difficult balancing act" between those needs and the land-holders whose properties were affected.

Both he and Emily Hagger thought that the development could be good for the town's economy.

Lynette Harvie, of Roxby Downs, who was born in Jamestown, said in the main street that the project would benefit the whole state and was "definitely good" for Jamestown through provision of jobs.

Tarcowie farmer-shearer Ben Jefferson said it sounded "a bit too good to be true".

"I suppose it would be good for employment," he said. One of the Hornsdale wind towers is on Mr Jefferson's property.

Businesswoman Serena Palmer said it would temporarily benefit the town's economy.

"No-one knew about it until last night," she said on Saturday.

"What we went through last September with blackouts, we cannot go through again."

Karen Tohl and Kerrie Robinson, both of Jamestown, each have power generators at home for use in emergencies.

Karen said that if the battery helped the whole state, it was a good thing.

Kerrie said it would be "great" for employment around town.

I think the positives far outweigh the negatives for towns and communities ... We want to grab every opportunity that we can get.

Northern Areas Council mayor Denis Clark

Mayor Cr Denis Clark stood beside a big welcome sign on the median strip and said he was not surprised that the comments had been mixed.

"There is a love-hate relationship with wind farms," he said.

"I think the positives far outweigh the negatives for towns and communities.

He said people from "everywhere" were working on the Hornsdale and Hallett wind farms.

Mr Clark got notice at 5pm on Friday that Premier Jay Weatherill and his entourage would visit the town on Sunday. His wife then quickly organised lunch at the bowling club for 40 people.

"We want to grab every opportunity that we can get," he said.


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