Sheep stolen from farms in regions

Police are urging farmers to check their stock and report any thefts as soon as possible as, in just the past three weeks, police have taken reports of 460 sheep stolen.

Since Tuesday, July 31 farmers have been reporting sheep stolen from Foul Bay, Yacka, Spalding, Laura and Wilmington properties, with some believing their stock have been disappearing over the past six months.

Sheep have been reported stolen from these locations:

  • South Coast Road, Foul Bay: Ten sheep stolen since the end of July
  • Yacka:  109 Merino ewes stolen between April and July.
  • Belalie East Road, Spalding: 11 Suffolk ewes stolen between 17 July and 4 August.
  • Boundary Road, Laura: 30 ewes stolen from two paddocks between 6 and 10 April.
  • Hancock’s Lookout, Wilmington: 300 merino ewes stolen since the end of February.

Police ask farmers to please consider these tips:

  • Regularly check your livestock, particularly around sale days and report all incidents of livestock theft to the police as soon as possible.
  • Ensure you have proof of ownership of your livestock.
  • Give a copy of your branding to neighbours for quick and easy identification.
  • Maintain good livestock records including all sales, births and deaths.
  • Keep all fences and gates in good repair and keep all paddock, sheds and stockyard gates closed and secure.
  • Use an alarm linked to an electric fence with a sensor that activates a siren or bell in your house if the fence is cut or broken.
  • Consider police checks to ensure you hire trustworthy employees as some thefts may be internal.

Tips on reporting suspicious activity to police:

Information you should try and provide to police when making a report includes what has happened, when it occurred and the location.

The location can include the number and property name, road and suburb or identifying landmarks.

If you are reporting a person behaving suspiciously, try and also provide information about their age, gender, build, height, hair colour and clothing.

If you are reporting a suspicious vehicle, try and provide the registration number as well as details about the make, model, colour and any distinguishing features such as dents or stickers.

However, please remember your safety is the priority and you should not put yourself at risk to record information.

Contact the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 for non-urgent police assistance.