Passion knitted poppies

Dawn Greig and her nimble ‘Poppy team ladies’ have been hooked to their needles since May this year, knitting over 750 poppies for a large display in Crystal Brook.

The free-standing display is set to be ready for Remembrance Day and will feature on the skate park fence on Eyre road. 

The knitty gritty behind Dawn’s idea stemmed from the waterfall of poppies displayed on the Port Pirie RSL building in 2015. 

“I saw the poppies in Pirie and thought what a lovely idea, I could do something similiar”, Dawn said. 

The display has been stitched together with the help of her family and will stand just over three metres high and seven metres wide. 

Dawn’s grandson Nick is welding together a steel frame that will hold the display of the knitted poppies, wooden letters, the printed sign and many rosemary bushes. 

The Remembrance Day display has been approved by the RSL and local council and will be exhibited this November and ANZAC Day 2018.

Copious amounts of time has been spent working out the logistics of this needle action. 

Dawn has been averaging one and half poppies daily and with 18 poppies the product of one ball of wool, she claims she and her helpers can knit in their sleep.

The ‘poppy team ladies’ were enthusiastic from the start to help out their great friend. 

The mammoth task was perfect timing for the women, Dawn described, as it is a winter hobby. 

“Another one of the ladies can knit and watch television, I sit at the hospital by my husband and knit through them.”

“They were all really pleased to help out, it is a pleasant project and they can’t wait to see the end result”, Dawn said. 

Dawn, a community involved and RSL affiliated volunteer is passionate for improving the quality of life for those living in Crystal Brook. 

Another inspiration for the idea originates from her parents, Merv and Pearl’s involvement not only in the second world war but in the foundations of the Crystal Brook RSL and women’s RSL.

“Dad was a sergeant in charge of the fuel for the planes in the airforce and helped build the RSL when it first started”, Dawn said. 

“We’ve always had a connection.”

This knitting feat solemnly demonstrates her passion for volunteering.

The display will be built in October and erected on the 9th of November and remain on display for a few days until it is taken down and stored.