Food grants program open

Applications for Round 4 of the Advanced Food Manufacturing Grants Program are now open, to help South Australian businesses develop new and exciting products.

For the first time, grants will be available for innovative food products which meet nutritional requirements for an ageing population.

The state government has committed $400,000 toward this round, matched by $400,000 from Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), making this the highest amount of funding available to date.

The two funding streams for Round 4 are:

Small – grants of $25,000 to $100,000 available for businesses seeking to develop functional and luxury food and beverage products and improve their supply chain technology.

Major – grants of $100,000 to $200,000 (per annum for two years) available for businesses seeking to develop a functional food product which assists with nutritional requirements of an ageing population to enhance health and wellness.

The state government, in partnership with FIAL, has provided $1.7 million of grant funding over the past three years for 32 projects.

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Leon Bignell said South Australia has a global reputation for producing world-leading food products and the food sector generated a massive $16.5 billion in 2015–16.

“Since this program started, we’ve supported 32 food and beverage businesses who are positioning themselves as innovators,” he said.

“For example, there is significant demand for luxury and functional food products overseas, such as bluefin tuna and gluten free foods in Asia.

“This new round of funding gives local businesses the opportunity to think outside the box and put forward new ideas to create jobs and grow the economy in South Australia.”