Salmonella confirmed in 35 people linked to Gawler South Bakery

Thirty-five cases of salmonella linked to the Gawler South Bakery have now been confirmed.

SA Health’s Director of Public Health Dr Kevin Buckett said of those confirmed cases, nine people had been hospitalised, including two children.

“We’ve now seen cases in people aged two years old up to 70 years old and we are anticipating more cases as further test results come through,” he said.

“SA Health food safety inspectors, along with the local council, returned to the business (on Tuesday).

“The bakery’s management is cooperating with authorities and has made improvements to food safety practices.

“The source of the contamination has been linked to filled sandwiches, wraps, rolls and focaccias made and sold at Gawler South Bakery.

“While salmonella wasn’t detected in the food and environmental samples taken from the bakery last week, this isn’t unusual, as the source of the contamination has often passed by the time we identify a common link between cases.

“SA Health will continue its investigation, in conjunction with the local council.

“We again urge food handlers to follow these four basic food safety tips: cook food thoroughly; clean hands and surfaces that come into contact with food; chill cooked food quickly and keep it cool until eaten, and separate raw and uncooked food from cooked and ready-to-eat products.”

Symptoms of salmonella include fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, headaches, stomach cramps and loss of appetite, and can develop between 12 and 72 hours after exposure.

Anyone who develops these symptoms is advised to see their doctor, particularly young children, older people and pregnant women.

It is especially important that if you have these symptoms, you do not prepare or handle food.

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