$500,000 SA Water site trial

Crystal Brook’s SA Water workshop will be the home to a new $500,000 trial which is aimed at enabling the site to be powered by stored energy when required. 

ENERGY FUTURE: Crystal Brook are lighting up to be the future of SA Water's energy.

ENERGY FUTURE: Crystal Brook are lighting up to be the future of SA Water's energy.

In order to continue achieving zero net electricity costs by 2020, SA Water installed a 100kW of solar photo-voltaic (PV) and a 50kWh battery storage system in late December and expect the system to be commissioned in January. 

Crystal Brook was chosen as the trial location due to the quality of the sunlight the site receives; this was in regards to the size and orientation of the roof. 

SA Water’s Chief Executive Roch Cheroux says that this method will allow for smarter use of the workshop’s electricity use; by using the stored energy during periods of high electricity prices. 

“Although small scale, this trial will help validate the effectiveness of the technology in reducing costs, with a view for wider implementation at other sites .”

“As there is very little experience in the market of a large utility such as SA Water using a combination of battery and solar storage across multiple sites, it’s important to verify the financial benefits and increase our understanding of its capabilities”, Roch Cheroux said.

There are other regional sites that fit the criteria SA Water were seeking and if the results from Crystal Brook return positive in 12 months time; they will continue to extend the technology. 

The project is part of a suite of a renewable energy generation, storage, optimisation and efficiency initiatives being pursued by SA Water to achieve zero net electricity costs by 2020.

“We’ve already been reducing our electricity costs by more than $3 million a year since 2013, so we know that with a concerted push, our goal is ambitious, but within reach.”