Port’s school visit

Players of the Port Adelaide Football Club visited Port Broughton Area School on Monday as apart of their annual AFL Community Camp. 

Charlie Dixon, Cam Hewett and Trent McKenzie spoke to the students, preaching healthy lifestyles and taking questions, all in a bid to connect with regional students and share their common interest of footy.

The players have been split all around the state, from Port Lincoln, to Port Broughton and down the Yorke Peninsula, with player Charlie Dixon saying the visits are a great opportunity to example the community within the club.  

“To come out here and show them what we do day to day, and what it takes to play AFL is great. Community is massive in our club and it is great to get out here.”

The program is an AFL wide initiative which delivers content to students on healthy living, healthy eating, fitness, no smoking or alcohol and being wary of social media. 

Daniel Norton, the General Manager of Port’s media says that what the players are doing is laying a foundation for the learning on important issues. 

“We are educating them on issues around bullying and social media which affects them right now. It is about leading well, being resilient, being mature and working as a team. All of those fundamental themes is what we try to deliver over the visit”, Daniel said.

“Our players absolutely love it. We do a lot of community work through our Aboriginal and community youth programs. They love getting out of their office and seeing areas, that they don’t always get to see.”

“But to get out and actually teach, develop and connect with the kids rather than be in a bubble is what they love doing.”

“It doesn’t matter whether their Crows supporters or Port Supporters, it is just about being able to engage, put a smile on their face and talk to them about healthy living.”

Students of Port Broughton Area School were amazed, with many of them admiring their role models and enjoying the interactions. 

One keen fan, Samuel Meschede a Year 7 student was excited to be able to listen and ask the players questions. 

“They talked about how they got into the team and about their football.”

“I asked what kind of rituals they do before a game.”

Although, Sam’s favourite player Chad Wingard wasn’t in Port Broughton on Monday, he was still pleased to meet the other players. 

The team will be reunited on Monday afternoon when they come together for a clinic for all children in Kadina. 

This is followed by a dinner held at the Kadina Football Club, with ticket sales raising funds for the local football association.