Booleroo’s upgrade pride

The Booleroo Centre Main Street is shaping up to be a very inviting and vibrant centre, with locals and council excited for what the following stages will bring. 

STAGE 1: Hayley Trott and Donna Hall stand near the newly completed stage one upgrade.

STAGE 1: Hayley Trott and Donna Hall stand near the newly completed stage one upgrade.

The winding, red concrete paths have continued throughout the town, added to with bark chips, fresh grass and native vegetation, but it is not finished yet. 

The town plan, written 10 years ago by the Booleroo community and tourism development association have much more in store. Hayley Trott, community engagement officer for the District Council of Mount Remarkable says there will be more furnishes to come, in addition to secondary stages. 

“There are a lot of stages in the master plan which incorporates the whole main street, but in terms of the town centre, there will be shelters and a few more furnishes.”

“As Council we don’t have a lot of control, the master plan is predominantly over what we can do, and the community can do. The master plan incorporates the whole street.”

“We still have a second stage, which incorporates a shade and a few bits and pieces, and we think it has come a long way from when it started and it looks really good.”

The project received $101,000 from the previous Labor Government almost 12 months ago, in addition to $11,000 from the Booleroo community and tourism development association and $90,000 from council. 

The visible changes have been well received and the local community are really satisfied with the outcome, and Donna Hall, a member for the tourism development association says the town has more pride now that this stage is completed. 

“I think it is really good for the people of Booleroo to feel proud of Booleroo Centre. It feels more like a centre rather than looking a trees. The general well-being is great.”

“Generally I think people are happy now that they can see the end result, when things are happening people are always concerned, but I think mostly people are happy.”

As there is more to come, the group looks forward to the town being more coordinated and see more benefits for local businesses. 

“Hopefully it will be good for the businesses in the town and for the general community as well so they can enjoy it. I think it feels much like a town centre, more so now which is a bit of vibrancy for the town.”

“We see this as a really good start to the project for our main street and we hope to further continue that.”

“We would love to continue the town plan that was done quite a few years ago, just to further develop the town and make the whole main area more coordinated and to give it more of a sense of being a whole town.”