Model train opens in Peterborough

The bright mind of Chris Woodman has remodeled a model train layout to reflect the Peterborough rail yards of 1968. 

A ceremony held at the weekend in the Peterborough Newsagency, opened the extensively researched and remodeled layout that accurately represents what the yards previously looked like.

Through purchasing a 3D printer and completing an additional 1000 hours of work to the secondhand model, the set is valued at $20,000 and is hoped to be a great addition to Peterborough’s tourism.  

“It has already brought in a few people”, Chris said, “It opened on Sunday afternoon and Monday we had people waiting to see it, it has been really busy.”

Over 50 people attended the opening of the N Gauge model railway which is based on the railway corridor that runs through Peterborough. 

The set was originally built by Jason O’Connell who put over 15,000 hours into perfecting it and Chris’s additions were able to see it reflect the changes during the yards, when they switched from steam to diesel. 

The model has been created on a scale of 1:148 and replicates the exact dimensions of the buildings and landmarks that stood in Peterborough in 1968. 

Chris said that he viewed lots of photos, used local knowledge and a lot of research to get the exact measurements which he reproduced when he 3D printed the buildings. 

The railway model can be viewed during shop hours at the Peterborough Newsagency.