Help for Brook to bounce

BASKETBALL: Lily Merkel, Lili Bowman and Charli Clements who play in the minis and subminis do not want to see their basketball club have to close.
BASKETBALL: Lily Merkel, Lili Bowman and Charli Clements who play in the minis and subminis do not want to see their basketball club have to close.

The possibility of a beloved summer sport lingers to be lost in Crystal Brook as the club lacks the funds to renew their 1970 basketball towers. 

The courts that were constructed by farmers almost 40 years ago are beginning to rust and children are losing pride in their courts, but what they do not want to lose is their ability to play and the club are now doing all that they can to have new towers installed before the 2019 season commences. 

A committee member for the club, Kathryn Hansen described the towers as old and rusty and need to be updated to comply with standards. 

Yet the quoted $30,000 is not something the club can just give to the project, since the storms which hit in 2016, the majority of their funds have gone to fixing other more vital club facilities. 

“In September 2016, we had a storm come through which took out our canteen, storage facilities, our fencing was damage and also there was some damage to the courts. Since then we have used some of our funds to help establish new facilities including shelters and storage and fixing up the courts”, Kathryn said. 

Grants and government funding are out of the picture for the club, due to all of the submissions closing earlier in the year, but with the need to get them replaced before the season starts, the club is turning to any other method to see the funds come in. 

“We have a cake stall on July 6 at the main street in Crystal Brook, we have also had quiz nights previously and are holding several other fundraising events in the coming months.”

To help kickstart their campaign, club life member Trish Taylor has contacted the Australian Sports Foundation, the only organisation which can offer a tax deduction for donations to sport in Australia. 

They have created a page where community members can donate to help the club and they hope to fundraise $25,000 which would replace all four towers and backboards on the courts.

We will always try and keep the basketball club going for the kids.

Kathryn Hansen

“The kids are really passionate and we do not want to see the basketball club close, but we need to ensure that our courts and backboards are safe for our children”, Kathryn said. 

An eager player, Lucas Gulin who plays in the B grade says he enjoys getting out to play basketball with his teammates and he would be upset if they could not play anymore. 

“It would be really disappointing.”

“It would be lovely and great to get a new one and hopefully we can get some goals in the new one.”

“It might look a bit nicer and tidier.”

The club sends out an impassioned plea to everyone to help out a small rural community.

“We are inclusive of age, race, gender and ability and want everyone to have a good time. Basketball is a sport that will enable people to come together, learn new skills and as you can see the kids really love it.”, Kathryn said. 

If you want to donate to the basketball club, you can do so online here at or contact someone from the Crystal Brook Junior Basketball Club committee.