Long road ahead for Levi

RECOVERY: A photo of Levi Marlow posted by his father, Matthew Marlow.

RECOVERY: A photo of Levi Marlow posted by his father, Matthew Marlow.

Levi Marlow from Orroroo who has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since the tragic accident that killed his sister Sophie on Mother’s Day, has now been moved to the recovery ward of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. 

His father, Matthew Marlow posted an update on Levi’s condition on the family’s Go Fund Me page which will now see him permanently in the recovery ward from six months to two years. 

“Levi has over come some massive challenges in past three and a half weeks. I am so proud of him. He never complains and does what ever the staff want him to do”, Matthew said

“Levi is coping and adjusting as well as he can. He knows what has happened to him and that his big sister has passed away in the car accident.”

Matthew explains that throughout the past three weeks, he has been through and seen things that no parent should ever had to do but says they are continuing to stay strong. 

“But we as a family, we will stay strong and support each other through this bad time in our lives. The Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide are doing a great job with Levi. Thank you.”

The Go Fund Me page which was set up the day after the tragic accident has currently raised $26,500 for the family and donations are still continuing to flow in to help the family cover on-going hospital costs. 

Sophie Marlow, who lost her life in the Germein Gorge Road accident was farewelled at a community funeral in Orroroo on May 25. 

The girl’s 35-year-old mother was driving a Toyota towards Port Germein, on a straight stretch of Germein Gorge Road, when the car left the road and rolled near Willow Dam Road. 

The other siblings in the car were  a 4-year-old girl, 7-year-old girl, 9-year-old girl and 11-year-old girl.

If you would like to donate to the family, go to Marlow Fundraiser on the Go Fund Me website. 

The page asks people to open their hearts and assist the Marlow family in their long journey ahead.