Thousands flocked to Melrose for Fat Tyre Festival

Organisers of the 2018 Melrose Fat Tyre Festival have praised the weekend, with more locals attending the long weekend event than ever before. 

The iconic event which aims to bring friends and family together at the gateway to the Flinders Ranges saw 2,000 spectators, participants and visitors attend their 16th annual event. 

Don Norton, the President of Bike Melrose says they had some logistical challenges with the weather on Friday, but apart from that it was very successful. 

“All the numbers were up, registration numbers were up by 20 per cent and the camping figures in both camp grounds were up from last year. We are guessing about 2,000 people came out.”

“We probably had more locals visit the event than in the past. More locals came out of their homes and enjoyed the market, came to brewery, so we saw a lot more local faces at the event, not just the cycling crew.”

The weekend had a range of activities for all age groups that stemmed from the tracks that Melrose provides, the new pump track to a circus that came to town. 

“It is just a whole bunch of family and group rides, a whole list of activities that people could do. We had a circus act come to town too, it is just not the mountain biking. We had a great night at Jackas Brewery. We had a movie night at the institute and we had a market at the museum, and a disco.”

The event just keeps getting better and Mr Norton said they received a lot of positive feedback from those who attended the weekend.

“The vibe was great, we got so much positive feedback. Lots of pats on the back as you went around the village. People were thanking us for putting on such a good weekend.” 

“I would like to thank everyone who attended, all the locals for getting behind us and giving us the support that they have to ensure that this event can continue into the future.”

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