Brook wins again

The Crystal Brook Roosters remain on top after a spectacular win over bottom-of-the-ladder Jamestown-Peterborough in Saturday’s game at Crystal Brook. 

The Roosters came out clawing in the first term, with all circumstances similar to the last time they met the Magpies in round 5.

Unfortunately, it was not the game for Jamestown-Peterborough as the Roosters took an early hold of the match and led the Magpies to an uncomfortable 124 point loss. 

At the end of the first quarter, the efforts of the Magpies were none to the slaughtering Roosters who had kicked 7.7 to a scraping 2.2. 

The Roosters quickly showed their territory and left the Magpies goalless in the second quarter, with their back line allowing for two points to sneak through, whilst the Roosters booted an additional four goals and six points, to give themselves a solid 63 point lead at half time. 

It was the third quarter in Saturday’s blitzing which really brought the Magpies to the ground, when they went scoreless, allowing the powerful Roosters to boot seven more goals. 

Goal scoring duties were shared about the Crystal Brook team but both Coates and Slattery were able to boot five through the goals, with Millard and Lambert not far behind them on three. 

The final term was the icing on the cake, with Crystal Brook booting another three goals to win 149 to 25.