Bundaleer project looks to the future

MOVING FORWARD: The annual general meeting was held for the Bundaleer Community Areas Association led by Greg Boston.
MOVING FORWARD: The annual general meeting was held for the Bundaleer Community Areas Association led by Greg Boston.

A group linked to Bundaleer Forest assessed its options for development when it held an annual general meeting in Jamestown recently.

With little changes made throughout the Bundaleer Community Areas Association committee, the members went on to discuss what the rest of the year will hold for the group.

In March, Greg Boston, the association chairman, was officially able to announce that they had received $100,000 cash funding from Forestry SA, in addition to $150,000 awarded through Fund My Neighbourhood. 

With a total of $250,000, and the possibility that another $110,000 will be granted through the Office of Sport and Recreation, the association has realised that what they had envisaged for the picnic grounds, is not achievable with the funds they have.

Mr Boston says that they will have to downscale the project and are working on a second plan to see construction start in coming months. 

“We think we are going to have to downscale the project. It will probably be more of an open-air facility with a smaller enclosed area. That is what the general idea seems to be,” he said. 

“The project is probably going to change scale somewhat due to reduced funding being available. We are supposed to get a response on the funding next month and that is when we will make the decision.”

In the meantime, positive news has arrived with Native Title being settled on the picnic ground which, for the proposed new visitor space, is progressive news. “That means the complex that we want can be built in the picnic grounds, rather than up on the rise near the tennis courts,” he said.

“The feedback we have had is that we think the facility will get much more general use if it is located in the centre of the picnic area.” 

As the association and their part in the picnic grounds continues to grow, the committee has created working groups to allow people to volunteer and be apart of the project, but not have a full commitment to the association. 

“The focus is on getting as many people as possible to contribute a little bit. Rather than a small group of people having to always be relied upon,” he said. 

“Someone does not have to be a member of the association, but they can contribute to a working group.”

Mr Boston said construction for the visitor space should start about October, depending on funding. 

In the meantime, the association are in the process of signing a management contract with Forestry SA for the picnic grounds.

Once that is arranged, the association will take the caretaker role for care and maintenance of the picnic ground area.