Tigers were left high and dry by 58 pts

It was the beginning of the end for the Tigers who took on the Roos in Orroroo, with their final score doubled, nearly tripled in the round 11 clash. 

Both teams came out with wins on their minds, the Tiger’s were able to nab a goal and two points in the first quarter, but this was not to match the five goals and five points that slipped passed their defence, and onto the Roo’s scoreboard.

Although they trailed by 27 points at the first break, the Tiger’s came back roaring, winning the quarter, and were able to give themselves a place on the day, reaching a half-time score of 27. 

But this was not to match the bounce that the team of Roos had in them, managing to boot four more goals and one point, leaving them on 60 points at half-time. 

The third quarter is where the Tigers were left crawling behind. 

The Roo’s ably managed to double the score of their competition which made the 13 points which the Tiger’s managed to get onto the board pointless. 

The final quarter was the Roos’ icing on the cake, although they did not match their highest quarter score difference of 25 points, they were able to take their 12 goals and 11 points in the third quarter and win with 14 goals and 17 points, resulting in the Roos winning 101 to the Southern Flinders, 6.7-43. 

The Tigers scored additional three points to their third quarter score. The Roos named T.Moten, D.Foulis, D.Duffy, T.Reid, I.Chapman and L.Bowman as their best. 

Tiger’s bests were J.Palmer, J.Turner, S.McIntyre, B.Ballantyne, R.Millington and D.Boylan.