A game dedicated to Tai

IMPORTANT: Matt Campbell, the Darwin Buffaloes coach, chats to Tai Martin-Page while wearing his injured mate's number.

IMPORTANT: Matt Campbell, the Darwin Buffaloes coach, chats to Tai Martin-Page while wearing his injured mate's number.


It was a game that held so much importance for the Southern Flinders Tigers. 

The team donned a new guernsey for previous team-mate, Tai Martin-Page. With so much to play for, the Tigers went out with their claws on show, but unfortunately it was not their day, losing to the Crystal Brook Roosters by 52 points. 

It was a slow start for the Tigers only managing three points through the posts in the first term. Yet this was a very different story for the Roosters who managed to boot five goals and four points before the first siren, giving themselves a 31-point lead into the quarter break.

A small roar was heard from the Tigers when they booted their first goal of the match in the second quarter. Unfortunately though, they were left chasing the Roosters as they kicked another three goals and three points by half time. 

The Tigers were given a stern talking to at half time and they came out firing in the third quarter, kicking five goals and one point, winning the quarter to the Roosters four goals, two points. 

Unfortunately the burst of energy did not last long and the Roosters flew into a win kicking 15.11-101 to the Tigers 7.7-49. 


Bottom-of-the-ladder Jamestown-Peterborough took on second-placed Orroroo and, in comparison to previous performances, the Magpies were able to give the Roos a run for their money. 

Both teams came out firing at the Jamestown home match and goals were scored left, right and centre. The Magpies pushed through three goals and two points in the first term, in comparison to the Roo’s five goals and four points. 

The second quarter saw the Magpies start to slip and trip on the tails of the Roos. The Roos almost doubled their first quarter score heading into half time 36-points ahead of the Magpies. But it was not an easy game for the Roos, with the Magpies still putting up a fight to score a goal and a point before the siren.

The Magpies had some ground to gain when they came back out in the second half and that is exactly what they did. Forwards put through four goals and two points and we able to win the quarter in comparison to the Roo’s three goals and four points that was slotted through.

The final quarter was a replay of the second quarter for the Mapgies when they just crumbled under the Roo’s forceful pressure. Orroroo put on a spectacular performance and kicked six goals and one point in the final term. 

Although the Roos led the entire game, the Magpies were still in the game kicking through three more goals and three points. Final score was 18.14-122 to the Roos and 11.8-74 for the Magpies.