Internship program opens

INTERN: Emma Pearse is finding interaction with growers, researchers and ag industry reps crucial to understanding how Hart research benefits farmers.

INTERN: Emma Pearse is finding interaction with growers, researchers and ag industry reps crucial to understanding how Hart research benefits farmers.

Agricultural science graduates with a specific interest in grains research are being encouraged to apply for the 2019 Regional Internship in Applied Grains Research with the Hart Field-Site Group.

Graduates from previous years and those with honours are also encouraged to apply.

Starting in late February, the twelve month position provides training and experience in all aspects of trial management and is based in the beautiful Clare Valley.

Hart research and extension manager Sarah Noack is the internship supervisor and said the program is designed to give graduates experience in a range of areas in grains research to help define their career path.

“While interns are exposed to all aspects of trial management at Hart, we also look at their specific areas of interest and help them select a couple of focus projects to work more closely on,” Ms Noack said.

“Previously we’ve had interns work on soil testing and plant nutrition, the evaluation of new wheat varieties and improving nodulation in pulses.

A desire to gain experience in agricultural research and to expand her networks in a new region inspired Emma Pearse from Miling in WA to apply for the 2018 regional internship.

Whilst not quite half way through her time with Hart, Ms Pearse has already been involved in trial planning, sowing and early crop monitoring. She is excited about knowing she’ll be a part of this research right up until final analysis and reporting.

When asked about her favourite aspect of the role so far, Ms Pearse couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing.

“The interaction I’ve already had with a wide range of people in the ag industry; farmers, researchers and consultants, has been really valuable,” she said.

“I’ve been able to work directly with growers who’ve enabled me to survey their paddocks or host trials.”

“The internship has also helped increase my knowledge of grower issues in this region and helped me understand how that varies from farm to farm depending on soil, crop and disease history,” Ms Pearse said.

“This really puts our research into context - it’s easy to see the link between our research and how it benefits growers which is a great motivator,” she said.

Those interested in applying for the internship will have their applications assessed by a selection committee including representatives from Hart, SARDI, and SAGIT. Their academic performance will be reviewed, with consideration given to those with a noted interest and potential in pursuing a career in grain research, development and extension.

Applications for the 2019 regional internship close on August 31. The project has ongoing funding secured until 2021, thanks to the South Australian Grain’s Industry Trust (SAGIT) and support from SA Research and Development Institute (SARDI).

Check out for application details or contact Dr Sarah Noack on 0420 218 420 or