Farmers set to gather at annual Members Event

SOWING TRIAL: The 2018 UNFS Members Expo will visit the time of sowing trial.
SOWING TRIAL: The 2018 UNFS Members Expo will visit the time of sowing trial.

Upper North Farming Systems Group will gather for their annual Members Event on Thursday, August 30, at the Booleroo Centre Institute Hall. Aimed at providing up to date information relevant to all farmers in the district this event is unique, focusing on productivity and profitability across all areas of livestock and cropping enterprises.

The topics at this year’s members expo are broad to reflect the complexity of developing and maintaining a resilient farming operation in the Upper North of South Australia. Consultant and Bute farmer Sam Trengove will be a key presenter at the event this year.

His practical research into applied precision agriculture technology is resulting in exciting outcomes for the industry in many areas. He will be presenting on the role precision agriculture plays in the modern farming operation in the Upper North of South Australia. He will also present later in the day on the developments in technology and systems for weed seed management at Harvest.

Also investigating technology advances, Greg Butler, SANTFA, will be presenting on the water injection seeding system that has been developed and the role it can play in the various soil types of the Upper North. There will be two key livestock presentations this year. Michelle Cousins, Cousins Merino Services, will be discussing the developments in the technology of livestock management and the commercial applications of electronic ear tags and Virtual Fencing to improve our livestock and pasture management.

Deb Scammell, Alltech Lienert Australia, and Jess Crettenden, SARDI Minnipa will be presenting on livestock nutrition and maximising livestock potential in a dry year. Always a pest, the snail and its movements will be under the spotlight with Michael Richards.

Michael has been studying the movements of the round snail for a number of years with time-lapse photography and is exploring the implications snail movements has on controls and the advances in the control options available.

The afternoon will be spent inspecting the SAGIT funded UNFS time of sowing trial and the GRDC funded national variety trials with Kenton Porker. These visits will include discussions on hay options for suitable crops. The UNFS Members Expo will also incorporate the group AGM and the presentation of the compiled GRDC stubble initiative publication.

This event has been made possible through funding from GRDC, SAGIT and valued sponsors. Registrations open at 8.30am for a 9am start. Main presentations will wrap up at 4.30PM with a networking session to follow. New members are welcome to come and register on the day. Annual memberships are from $50 -$125 (individual – business) which includes entry to the event, all catering on the day, regular newsletters and seasonal updates and an annual research compendium. For more information contact Kristina Mudge at or 0438 840 369.