Funding for Orroroo Equine Club’s arena

FUNDS: Emily Byerlee, Neil Byerlee and Malcolm Byerlee.
FUNDS: Emily Byerlee, Neil Byerlee and Malcolm Byerlee.

The Orroroo Equine Club are the recipients of $12,252 from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing and will be using the funds to build a new arena for their club.

Established in 2012 with the intention to foster and promote equestrian activities across the district for young people, families and their horses, the club have now been successful in taking the next step to making their club more safe for riders.

The funding will be used to build a fenced arena at the club, 120 metres by 60 metres which they hope will create a safer area for riders and encourage more types of equestrian activities.

The secretary of the Orroroo Equine Club, Emily Byerlee says they are very excited at the announcement of funding and hope to see construction start in October.

“We want to build our membership and get more people from surrounding areas and beyond. We would like to improve all the facilities, improve yarding so that people can stay over night and make it better for the community”, Emily said. 

Last season the club had 30 members, made up of a majority of young families and with the addition of the arena, they hope to expand out to see more experienced riders join.

In addition to this, the club hopes that they can secure another grant to provide the appropriate surfacing which would make the facility more applicable for other types of activities.

“We need to build a decent surface that we can use for barrel racing. That is what we want to foster and hopefully we have more clubs coming in and using the facility.”