Crystal Brook Primary School students worked with SA Water's smart meter to save water

SAVING WATER: Luke Hansen, Emily Venning and Tim Clark, Year 7 students at Crystal Brook Primary School with their smart meter.
SAVING WATER: Luke Hansen, Emily Venning and Tim Clark, Year 7 students at Crystal Brook Primary School with their smart meter.

Students at Crystal Brook Primary School have discovered a leak in their school’s irrigation and have worked on a project to fix it using a program implemented by SA Water’s smart meter.

The meter was installed at the school last year and allows students to access real time data in terms of water usage, when it is being consumed, how it is being consumed and how much.

As a result, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teacher Amanda Bowman set her Year 7 class a task to find the best way for the school to save water.

The students sat down with the groundsman and found out where all the water throughout the school was used and additionally used the data to then pan out the most appropriate method of saving water.

“Lots of students came up with some great projects they thought about subsurface irrigation on our oval but also gravity fed sub surface irrigation”, Amanda said. 

One of the Year 7 students, Holly Gulin says she and her partner decided that three water tanks at the end of the school would be a good way to save the water.

“We had a leak last year and it used up a lot of water and that is why we did a project to save the water. We did three water tanks at the end of our school oval just to collect the water from the roofs as well”, Holly said.

“It will be purified and used for the sprinklers.”

The smart meter program has implemented in 10 schools across the state and is a program that supports STEM and future learning.

The chief executive officer for SA Water, Roch Cheroux says that the company are currently working on the meters and in the future will be way for households to efficiently save and use water.

“With the smart meter you get information in real time. You will be able to get information to see the consumption of water and that gives you the ability to understand how much you are consuming and when you are consuming it”, Mr Cheroux said. 

The project has been very successful throughout Crystal Brook Primary School and Amanda Bowman says that what her students are learning now is for the future.

“Students are our future and for them to know where the water is being used and how it is being used, they influence households back at home. Hopefully by the time they start buying homes, smart meters are installed everywhere.”

The students presented their findings on Tuesday.