Herd of Hope comes to Marrabel

Carrieton 2017: Winners of the Team Roping were Tom and Bill Willoughby. PHOTO: Ian ‘Robbo’ Robertson.
Carrieton 2017: Winners of the Team Roping were Tom and Bill Willoughby. PHOTO: Ian ‘Robbo’ Robertson.

Marrabel will host a number of cattle, horses and their mounts for The Campdraft for Hope as part of The Herd of Hope charity. 

Herd of Hope is a charity that champions the needs of rurally-based organ donor recipients and donor families.

Taking the opportunity to use the Marrabel Rodeo Grounds on the weekend which would have been the annual rodeo, September 30, 2018, there will be plenty for people to watch.

The event will raise money to cover accommodation costs for rural families staying int the city for organ transplants.

Herd of Hope director Megan McLoughlin – also a double-organ transplant recipient herself – said all money raised would benefit those in need. 

"The stress caused by organising accommodation when you relocate for surgery or when you rush to the city in the middle of the night after your loved one has been involved in a tragic accident is immense," Ms McLoughlin said.

"That's why we will hold a charity event at Marrabel in South Australia - all money raised will go to covering accommodation costs for regionally based people affected by our cause."

The Herd of Hope focuses on bringing health services for all affected by organ donation in regional Australia. 1 in 3 transplant recipients and 1 in 4 donor families are located in rural areas and there are currently no essential services available to them.

Campdrafting is Australia’s most unique and oldest sport: it originated on cattle drives more than 200 years ago. 

One of Australia’s leading horsemen, Bill Willoughby, will oversee the campdraft.

He is a long-serving director on the campdraft association and has had more than 40 years experience in the film industry.

Spectators are welcome, entry to the event is a gold coin donation