Plans for rage cage at Port Broughton

RAGE CAGE PLANS: Andrew Cole holds the plans for the rage cage at the old basketball court.
RAGE CAGE PLANS: Andrew Cole holds the plans for the rage cage at the old basketball court.

New plans for a rage cage on Port Broughton’s foreshore have been discussed by the Barunga West Council. Andrew Cole, CEO, says the rage cage will be replacing the old basketball court on the foreshore and it will have the ability to house a number of different sports and purposes.

“Its replacing the old basketball court, so it will certainly reactivate that bit of space and make it more usable for all ages,” Mr Cole says. “It supports a number of different activities.”

The rage cage is able to be used for soccer, netball, basketball, handball and there will also be a climbing wall. Mr Cole says he hopes it will also be used by local clubs for training and organised sporting groups.

“It can be used as an activity for clubs, we know some of the clubs do training activity runs through the town,” Mr Cole says. “We’re hoping it could highlight things that kids can do, but it can also be for organised sporting groups.”

Mr Cole says he wants to make sure the rage cage is going to be as safe as possible, considering it is going to be open to the public throughout the day. “We want to support it by being the safest facility as possible,” Mr Cole says. “It would obviously be available to the public and available during the day.” Mr Cole says the estimated cost of the rage cage is roughly $85,000. He also says that they hope to have it completed during the beginning of December, ready for the Christmas holidays. 

“We’d be hoping to get it in by the first or second week of December, before the Christmas holidays,” Mr Cole says. The design has been finalised but the council will be deciding on the correct colour scheme to suit the foreshore.