Pinball lights up Pirie

PINBALL: Chris Dobell and Raymond Gillette who will both be competing in the upcoming competitions.
PINBALL: Chris Dobell and Raymond Gillette who will both be competing in the upcoming competitions.

Port Pirie is hosting this year’s SA Masters Pinball Challenge in addition to a week long of school holiday events, with many expected to set upon Bowland for the arcade game competition

In the days leading up to the SA Masters, Bowland will be flooded with the noises of pinball machines pinging and lights flashing as a people of all ages will be able to partake in the holiday fun pinball events

High score competitions will be held from Tuesday October 2 until Thursday October 4 before the SA Masters Pinball Challenge starts on Friday October 5. 

The Bowland SA Masters Pinball Challenge has been brought to Port Pirie for the first time and organiser Raymond Gillette is excited for the event that nearly 30 people have already registered for. 

“There are some people coming from Adelaide, one guy is coming to help organise from New South Wales. He is in the top 20 for Australia”, Mr Gillette explained. 

“I am looking forward to playing pinball and talking to other people from the pinball community. There is a very wide variety of people from all different walks of life. I know one lad is a surgeon, some are unemployed, mechanics, IT technicians, people who wouldn’t normally get together, get together because they are playing pinball.” 

The SA Masters will consist of four different events including group match play, best game card, flip frenzy, group knockout in addition to an on-going mini league. 

The event is open to people of all ages and all skill capabilities and the organisers hope to see newcomers give the game a try. 

“Pinball is fun. Practice is one thing, having good hand eye coordination helps as well. Playing pinball in a competition sense is pretty much the same as playing in a non-competition sense, there is just more pressure. Generally it is shoot for the flashing lights and don’t let the ball go down the drain. Hit the bats, practice.” 

All tournaments will contribute to a player’s World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points, allowing competitors to rank themselves against anywhere in the world.  For more information on the week of activities or to get involved please email <>.