Bryan’s first place ribbon at royal show

ROYAL SHOW WINNER: Bryan Zanker shown with his winning motor gearbox and ribbon.
ROYAL SHOW WINNER: Bryan Zanker shown with his winning motor gearbox and ribbon.

Bryan Zanker was awarded a first place ribbon at the Royal Adelaide Show in the 3D Printing - Moving Object Years 10, 11 and 12 category. His piece is a functional working model of a compressed Air Engine and Gear box. Bryan’s interest in 3D printing and the associated design work of intricate parts was sparked back in 2017 when his tech teacher of that time, Toby Cocks, introduced a 3D printer as one of the pieces of modern technology into the tech studies workshop.

Every spare minute that Bryan had was spent on investigating possibilities and the printing of a range of pieces on the machine.

It wasn’t long before Bryan had purchased his own printer, a Flashforge Creator Pro (the same as the school’s machine), so that he could enhance his learning in this area and print at home.

All Bryan’s design work is drawn up using Google Sketch Up17 that works seamlessly with his chosen 3D printer. He spent much of 2017 honing his skills in the area of 3D printing, designing and printing a wide range of objects, and an interest in motors provided the perfect opportunity to make his engine and gearbox as part of his tech course.

The engine and gearbox took many hours of investigation, design work and development, starting as a single cylinder engine and ending up being a two square cylinder engine complete with all the necessary valves and bearings required to make an engine functional.

Many prototypes were made along the way, commencing with square edged “crash style” gears that were developed into gears with chamfered edges that work like the synchromesh gears of today. The three-speed gear box (including a reverse gear) provides output from 620 rpms in first to 1100 in third gear. Some 60 plus individual parts later, the engine was finished and forms the major part of Bryan’s Stage 2 tech project for 2018.