Fish stock added to Bundaleer Reservoir

Another 20,000 Trout Fry have been added to the Bundaleer Reservoir for the benefit of the state’s 277,000 recreational fishers. 

This trout stocking continues the stocking of Murray Cod, Silver Perch, Golden Perch and Trout Fry since 2016, and RecFish SA executive director, Danny Simpson, earlier this month announced they had put in 10,000 Rainbow Trout Fry and 10,000 Brown Trout Fry.

Fish catch and release reports on Facebook indicate that the Silver Perch are growing very well indeed, well over 30 centimetres, and a Rainbow Trout of some 34 centimetres has also been caught in Bundaleer Reservoir.

A Reservoir Fishing Permit is required to access the reservoirs, and this is available online from, available on your mobile phone in a few seconds.

Northern Areas Council CEO Colin Byles said they strongly support the work of RecFish SA in stocking Bundaleer and Beetaloo Reservoirs in the council area.

“They are developing into tourist attractions in the region,” he said.

The Trout Fry have been supplied by the one of the longest established South Australian freshwater clubs, the South Australian Fly Fishers Association Inc from their PIRSA accredited hatchery.

The Rainbow and Brown Trout Fry are stocked under a PIRSA Fisheries Management Act 2007, Section 78 Permit.

Many recreational fishers have taken advantage of the Bundaleer Reservoir, attracting many people from throughout the state. 

With big fish sizes and an easy-to-use, scenic reservoir, it has become a recreational fisher hotspot.