Council elections: Make a difference

Make a difference

Before voting in the coming Council elections ring up or contact the nominees to see what direction they will take if elected.

The LGA has spent a lot of rate payer’s money in providing signage that has been erected around the state with the view of enticing new members to Council.

The LGA is primarily funded by member subscriptions, and councils receive many direct and indirect benefits as a result of being a member of the Association.

Congratulations to the three nominees elected in the Telowie Ward, one a new nominee replacing retiring member, two returning members.

The Willochra Ward has nine nominees, five new ones and four re-nominations.

It is hoped that we can get some new blood into the District Council Mount Remarkable,

  • Councillors who will represent and listen to the rate payers,
  • Councillors who will take charge,
  • Make balanced decisions,
  • Look for transparency,
  • Re-introduce community question time,
  • Question why at the Willowie landfill there is no recycling, it's all smashed and pushed up in a heap with a loader,
  • Look after towns transfer stations and not close,
  • Question why we can't burn in their towns when the town's in the Council areas of Jamestown and Clare can burn for fire reduction,
  • Question why we have bylaws that are suited to Adelaide not country towns,
  • Be prepared to stand up for their convictions, not just vote with the mob,
  • Make sure jobs that are voted on by the councillors are carried out and not changed at the whim of the Council management,
  • When negotiating management contracts, stay within the bounds of inflation,

Remember, your councillor lives in this area and has a huge responsibility to represent the voting ratepayer.

Dave Wingrove, 


Clarification please

An authentic question for all those aspiring to a position on local council, also for those who will continue from the previous gallery; Do you aspire to be a councillor for the wider community and for the betterment of society in general as far as is able under local council guidelines, displaying fear or favour to no-one?

Or, will you become a yes-person who will bow and scrape to the desires and demands of a self important management regime?

If you are of the former, then I wish every success. 

If you are of the latter then please do us all a favour and withdraw your nomination.

Dennis Parker, 


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