Crystal Brook community shocked as subway art stolen hours after opening

STOLEN: Artwork has been stolen from the Crystal Brook subway just over 24 hours since it was opened.
STOLEN: Artwork has been stolen from the Crystal Brook subway just over 24 hours since it was opened.

Crystal Brook residents are shocked and devastated learning that the art officially opened on Friday November 2 in their subway has been stolen, just over 24 hours since it was unveiled. 

The art was a community project which saw collaboration from school students, locals and artists took nearly two years, start to finish to be completed and it is now gone. 

Jess Crawford, a contributing artist is utterly shocked at hearing the news and has pleaded on a Facebook post that the police be contacted if the whereabouts of the work is known. 

Speaking to the Flinders News on Monday afternoon, Jess remained in shocked and asks that those who have taken the work return it, or put it in a place that it can be accessed and rehung. 

“Please, please just bring them back. It has taken so much time and effort by everyone involved to have them done and to then have them taken. Please just bring them back in one piece. Put them somewhere so that we can find them, just so that we can have them back because it is just disgusting”, Jess said. 

From what the community can gather the paintings were still hanging at 8.00pm on Saturday night but by 10.30pm, they were gone. 

“I was shocked. It is just so weird. Why would anyone want to do that. They aren’t even valuable to anyone else. It is just really weird.”

“Everyone is in shock and can’t believe that this could happen because it just shows no respect for the town or the people involved or anything. Everyone is quite disgusted. It is just disgusting.”

The police have been notified of the theft and are working on it, yet Jess mentioned that a gentleman has put up a reward for them to be returned. 

Geoff Brock, member for Frome has expressed his disappointment in the news especially considering he attended the opening and also made a donation towards the project. 

“I am very very shattered, disappointed, this project has been in the pipeline for a long time and was done by the community, for someone to come in the day after the launching of it is an utter disgrace”, Geoff said. 

“I hope the police get them and I encourage anyone that may have seen something unusual to report it to the police. This is not on, this is not country, this is not community, it is not on. I just can not understand it.” 

If you or someone knows of the whereabouts of the artwork, please contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or online

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