Peterborough Home Hardware named best store in the state two years in a row

The team at Peterborough Home Hardware are celebrating for a second time, having taken out a win for the state’s best store, two years in a row. 

The store were awarded for their cleanliness, outstanding customer service and large stock range that does not compare to any other store across South Australia. 

The store was recognised on a state level, but this is something the store owners and managers, Nick and Konny Srour have been providing to Peterborough and the surrounding towns of Terowie, Yongala and Orroroo for nearly 14 years. 

Nick and Konny are proud of their store and they pride themselves on being described as ‘the mini Bunnings of the Mid North’ and ‘the best store ever’. 

“For a regional country town, many people comment about the amount of stock that we have in the shop and we know, we have travelled around a fair bit to a lot of country towns and it is hard work stocking a store in a country town but we realised early on that if you don’t have the stock- people go elsewhere”, owner Nick explained.  

The Srour’s store won this award last year and they both thought that it was possibly a fluke, but with the award for the second time they have realised that what they provide as a service is award worthy. 

They strive for exceptional customer service and they believe this is what will keep their customers coming from far and wide, time and time again.  

“I know I came in here when I was a builder many years ago and you used to have to badger the staff to find out when your order was coming in and we didn’t want that to happen”, Nick said.

“We have a process in place and we try to get the products that the customers want as soon as we can.” 

There is also an added element to the store’s customer service and that is their four legged friend Sandy, who wanders the store and greets the customers. 

“Everybody loves Sandy, you can’t not love her she is so cute”, Konny explained.

“She came to us when she was five weeks old and everyone loved her. One of our customers brought her into the store and we couldn’t resist. From then on, she gets upset if we don't bring her and the customers are upset if she is not here.” 

With a greeting by Sandy at the door, everything you are looking for stock wise and impeccable customer service, it is clear why this store is the state’s best.  

The team want to thank Peterborough and surrounding towns for keeping them in business and supporting them as a local business choice. 

“We just want to thank the town for their loyal support. We are very grateful that our range has expanded and that the towns and the surrounding towns have supported us”, Nick said.