Leading the way for solar

Orroroo-Carrieton is among Australia’s leading communities for installed rooftop solar PV with 41.9 per cent of all houses in the area generating their own power and much of it being exported to other households as well.

The Solar Trends Report by the Australian PV Institute and Commissioned by Solar Citizens found electricity generated from rooftop solar PV had increased significantly in the past year.

The contribution has led to a 33 per cent increase in the electricity generated from rooftop solar PV across the country, leading Solar Citizens to predict around 14 per cent of electricity will be generated from the roofs of Australian households and businesses within five years.

The increase in electricity generated from distributed PV in the Orroroo-Carrieton area in the past year has come from a combination of more solar and more understanding of how to maximise output.

Many households are also adding battery storage to their systems.

Solar Citizens Director Joseph Scales said if we see even close to current rate of increase, about 14 per cent of our electricity will come from rooftops.

“Rising electricity costs and desire to take control back from energy retailers is driving significant growth in new solar in the Orroroo-Carrieton region,” said Mr Scales.

“But people with existing solar are also getting better at maximising the output from their systems and they’re installing battery systems to store energy for later use.

“It means an increasing amount of power is exported to grid by solar households, which is a cheap source of power that can be provided to other households.

“The problem is that electricity companies are not passing on the savings of getting such a cheap source of power to the consumer.”

Mr Scales said there was enormous capacity for further growth.

“There is between 43GW to 61GW of potential rooftop solar capacity on Australia’s houses and currently, only 12-16 per cent of this potential is being utilised.”