Neoen responds to verbal submissions about Crystal Brook Energy Park

RESPONSE: Neoen have released a response to the verbal submissions from October 2018.

RESPONSE: Neoen have released a response to the verbal submissions from October 2018.

A response to the verbal submissions heard at the October State Commission Assessment Panel hearing for the controversial Crystal Brook Energy Park has been published

The 82 page document explores arguments presented by those who are not in favour of the park and provides a response to their questions, concerns and statements. 

The verbal submissions were raised by representors at the State Commission Assessment Panel hearing in Port Pirie on the 10th-11th October 2018. 

The response covers a wide range of topical arguments that had been raised by residents, business owners and professionals. This includes in the fields of design, operation, communication, environmental, flora and fauna, aviation, health and tourism. 

This response, alongside a first response that was submitted in 2018 does not answer whether or not the energy park will be going ahead. 

Frank Woitiez the managing director of Neoen has stated that they understand the State Commission Assessment Panel is now in the process of evaluating all the materials presented before it. 

“This includes all public submission and will formulate a recommendation to the Minister of Planning. The Minister will then consider this recommendation and make a decision on the development application in due course”, Mr Woitiez said. 

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure was contacted regarding the process of the application and when a decision by the Minister for transport, infrastructure, local government and planning Stephan Knoll MP will be made. 

They responded explaining that the department will now finalise its advice to the State Commission Assessment Panel, which will then inform the panel’s recommendation to the Minister for Planning.