Better deal for mobile phones: Brock

HAPPY: Geoff Brock

HAPPY: Geoff Brock

It has been a long wait, but remedies to mobile-phone "black spots" in the Frome electorate have been welcomed by Independent MP Geoff Brock.

"I have driven thousands of kilometres throughout my electorate since entering parliament and have had first-hand experience of the inconsistencies of mobile-phone coverage," he said. "Rhynie has always been on top of my list and local residents have been fighting for a mobile tower in their township for the best part of 16 years.

"They have been denied access to mobile or internet access for this time, leaving them vulnerable in a bushfire, car crash or health emergency."

Mr Brock has lent his voice to lobbying government for improvements and is happy to see that a series of new mobile base stations will be built in South Australia, including at Riverton, Rhynie and Brinkworth.

"I am happy to see that another $160 million has been allocated in the federal government's Mobile Black Spot Program and I hope more areas in the electorate will be impacted by these upgrades," he said.

"I encourage the Minister to liaise with telco carriers so that towers can be used by more than one provider.

"Penwortham had mobile phones cutting in and out ... while Sevenhill has limited service."

Meanwhile, Mr Brock is appalled that rural communities have to resort to raising their own money to crackdown on crime after Crime Stoppers SA asked people to donate to a Go Fund Me campaign.

But Police Minister Corey Wingard said Mr Brock was a minister with the former Labor government when it ignored an official plea for funding from Crime Stoppers in 2015 "which makes his claims perplexing".