Booleroo's 16th straight shield win

The six MNSEC schools gathered at Jamestown for the annual district athletics carnival. Orroroo had done well at its sports day and did provide some healthy opposition for Booleroo, but it was Booleroo who had it all under control to take out the shield, adding another consecutive win to their tally to make it 16 straight wins. Orroroo did have success in taking home the Handicap shield as well as the Under 14s pennant, and gained second place in the male (Jed Dignan), and female (Kate Case) athletes of the day. Booleroo won the Year 6/7 shield and pennant, plus the U15, U16 and Open pennants while Teegan Prosser was the female athlete of the day. Max McKeough, Peterborough, took won male athlete of the day.


Championship shield: Booleroo: 617, Orroroo: 531, Jamestown: 464, Gladstone: 461, Quorn: 243, Peterborough: 185. Handicap shield: Orroroo: 693, Booleroo: 617, Jamestown: 609, Gladstone: 568, Peterborough: 508, Quorn: 467. Year 6/7 shield and pennant: Booleroo: 137, Gladstone: 123, Orroroo: 112, Jamestown: 107, Quorn: 62. 

Female athlete of the day: Teegan Prosser, Booleroo 35, Kate Case, Orroroo 34, Eliza Watkinson, Booleroo 33. Male athlete of the day: Max McKeough, Peterborough 39, Jed Dignan, Orroroo 30, Paul Webb, Booleroo 29.

Under 14 pennant: Orroroo. Under 15 pennant: Booleroo. Under 16 pennant: Booleroo. Open pennant: Booleroo.

Records broken

Year 6/7 Girls High Jump, Lily Bower, (Gladstone), new record 1.46M, Year 6/7 Boys Discus, Connor McCallum, (Booleroo), new record 25.91M, U15 Girls Hurdles, Teegan Prosser, (Booleroo), new record 17.08 secs