Prize prides town of Peterborough

ART PRIZE: Secretary and chairperson of the committee, Moira Lawler and Janet Ridge.
ART PRIZE: Secretary and chairperson of the committee, Moira Lawler and Janet Ridge.

The Peterborough Art Prize is in its 16th year of running and this year's wonders of works, including photographs, acrylic and oil paintings will all be unveiled at the town hall on Friday, April 12. 

With many artists priding themselves on the achievement of the prize, they come from far and wide and represent ages of young and old and all vie for the prestigious title. 

The Prize was started back in 2004 by an eager couple and over the years organisers have seen a noticeable increase in attendance and interest, giving one more thing for Peterborough to be proud of.

Mayor Ruth Whittle of the District Council of Peterborough dwells on the importance of the prize, expressing the pure numbers it brings to the town throughout the Easter period.

"You can go down the street at any time in the 10 days and you'll find people wandering around, people who plan to come, people who wander through because they're driving through. They stop have a look, eat, drink and have a look at the prize. They are always surprised at how many entries we get and how beautiful it looks in there," Ruth explained.

This year there are over 200 entries comprising of both artworks and photographs that will be judged by an independent judging panel. 

The chairperson of the Peterborough Art Prize Committee Janet Ridge explains that previously many landscapes have won and that most entries derive from the inspirational scenery of the Flinders Ranges. Yet she says there is no trick to winning, just luck being able to tick all the judges' boxes.

The prize will be on show from Friday, April 12 at 6pm until Monday, April 22, available from 9am-5pm.