Silo shelter locked in

SHELTER ADDITION: Greg Pech and Dawn Stevens at the painted Wirrabara silos.
SHELTER ADDITION: Greg Pech and Dawn Stevens at the painted Wirrabara silos.

Funding secured from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal will provide funds for the Wirrabara Progress Association to erect a weather shelter across the road from the newly painted silos.

The association have received $16,810 that will go towards the shelter which will be built in Murray Memorial Park, providing tourists a place to rest and seek shelter when visiting the art.

Dawn Stevens, secretary of Wirrabara Progress Association says that the grant comes from a group that looks to help towns in drought conditions and this comes as a great help to the town's small businesses.

"It was to help the small businesses in the town that are struggling and also for our volunteers who are probably getting burnt out with their extra farming requirements through the drought," Dawn explained.

It is hoped that the new shelter will encourage more people to grab a bite to eat, then head down to the park and enjoy their meal.

"We hope that people will come and see the silos and they are coming but at the moment there is nowhere for them to shelter if it is hot or cold and to have a meal," Dawn said.

Greg Pech, a fellow member of the association as well as a local business owner has witnessed the increased caravan traffic for the silos, but says this addition will provide many more benefits for Wirrabara.

"It will definitely help the businesses as well. If they have somewhere to stop and stay, they are more likely to buy their lunch or dinner in the town and sit down there and have a rest and admire the silo art.

"One of my businesses is opposite the turn off to where the silo art is and it is amazing the number of caravans that are turning at the intersection of our main street, heading down to the silos to have a look," Greg said.

Plans have already been drawn up for the nine by five metre structure that will be built by a local engineering firm, with it expected to be completed between July and December.

"Hopefully we can put some signage in there about the history of the park and why they dedicated a park to him and hopefully the other side can feature something about the silo art," Greg said.