Association dinner draws traders closer

The Peterborough Business Association have held their first official dinner to celebrate the launch of their video which aims to promote local businesses.

Held on Friday, May 17 38 members of businesses gathered together to watch the video, similar to the one created for the main street upgrade, but also to mingle among themselves and learn more about each other.

The chair of the association, Evie Oras says this was the first dinner since relaunching the association and was a great opportunity for local business owners to connect.

"The video showcases the businesses. It will be played on a loop in businesses, it just showcases what we have around the town," she said.

Behind the video and motivations of the group is to be working with each other to promote and self promote. Evie explains that there needs to be a cycle of sending tourists to the next shop, to keep them in the town for longer.

Lets promote ourselves, our businesses, our tourist attractions and our town.

Evie Oras

"We need to be moving people around town differently. We need to be self promoting, plus promoting others. So when someone comes into the shop, we send them to the next shop and push them all around town, keep the tourists here longer," she said.

Those invited along to the night were those who participated in the video, in addition to the 18 businesses who work alongside the Bob the dog passport program.

Evie reflects on the video and says that it was amazing to see the end result and from that there were many positive reactions.

"The video is amazing, there were lots of smiling faces all around the place. We are going to be playing it on loop in some of the shops. It will be on social media and we also did another small snippet for the business association."

The association are growing as Peterborough grows and Evie says it is imperative to have the association to ensure all businesses are on the same page.

"It can't all be about the single person, it has to be about the community. It was just a way of getting everyone together and on the same page. So we work together with opening hours, making sure there is somebody open at all times."

The future of the association is promising. They are working with council on several projects.