Mid North highlighted through song

Small crowds have gathered across Mid North towns to listen and celebrate the collaboration which has become the Songs of the Mid North project.

Formalised by the Heritage Arts and Traditions group based out of Auburn, they took inspiration from a previous project known as the Adelaide Songs and reciprocated that for the Mid North.

Based upon stories, songs and poems, Songs of the Mid North brings artists, storytellers and poets from Mid North towns and Adelaide together to reflect on the vast area and all that it brings.

Project coordinator for the Songs of the Mid North Keith Preston, explains that the performances are not just about the history of Mid North towns, but delve into all aspects of lifestyles.

"People really enjoy hearing songs about the Goyder Line, mining in Peterborough, the Country Women's Association, about Bob the railway dog, farming, pubs closing down, life on the land, rain, history, pioneers, anything about the Mid North."

Formulated through 20 pieces the concert has appeared in Burra, Peterborough and will this weekend be held in Auburn and Adelaide.

Mr Preston says they decided to hone in on the Mid North due to its large scale area but also its popularity and location.

"The Mid North is the region from Gawler, to the bottom of the Flinders Ranges, quite a big area of South Australia and the area most people in South Australia have contact with when they get out of the city," he said.

Each session that has been hosted so far focuses on the relationship being built with the audience because the songs are about people's lives and places that audience members know.

"It was a very different thing of just doing a concert about song. It is very much engaging with the area. We based this on a project that we have already done. We started planning this about a year ago and wanted to use the same model and create a whole set of new songs."

Adelaide Songs has since been made into a CD and there are hopes the the same will happen with the Songs of the Mid North.

This weekend's performances are:

  • HATs courthouse, Auburn at 8pm.
  • Nexus Arts, Adelaide at 2pm.

Tickets are available via EventBrite.