Volunteers from Laura recognised for service

Volunteers at Laura Hospital have been celebrated for International Volunteers Week alongside the opening of a new pergola purposefully built for the hospital's residents.

Residents and volunteers gathered at the hospital on Monday, May 20 to open the pergola, built with funds from their local Health Advisory Council (HAC).

Additionally, the hospital also highlighted the work of valued volunteer Judy Zwar who has been giving her time to the hospital for 18 years.

Julie Arthur the executive officer and director of nursing explains that Judy is one of 18 volunteers who give their time to the hospital and is very deserving of being recognised.

"She is a beautiful lady who wants the best for the residents. She is quite skillful with flowers and gardens. She is just a really nice person that wants to give back and wants the best.

"She is really good with the staff too, come around and do surveys for us and ask the residents how they are feeling and gets the honest feedback. She has a critical eye," Julie said.

Volunteers are in the hospital all days of the week helping with cooking, doing hand massages, church services and bus outings and Julie says it is their input which keeps the hospital vibrant.

"I always say that it is the volunteers that keep the place vibrant and they have all got different personalities. it is just great.

"They come in can help people knit, garden and they help the staff. The volunteers add that extra little bit of lift, particularly the residents they look to them for company," Julie added.

From the funds, the hospital were able to build the pergola which was purposely designed for the residents.

The hospital is their home and staff want to make it fit for purpose as the residents have requested.

In addition to the pergola is a memorial board which remembers each resident who has lived at the hospital and with the generosity of the Men's Shed, they were able to recreate it into a beautiful shield.

The next venture for the hospital will be to improve the eastern aspect of the garden and make it easier for electric gophers to move in and out of the facility.