Emma Maude Long of Crystal brook celebrated her 100th birthday on Thursday, May 30

Emma Maude Long of Crystal Brook celebrated her 100th birthday on Thursday, May 30, toasting to the occasion with a beer and a letter from Queen Elizabeth II.

Surrounded by her family who travelled from Adelaide and Sydney, as well as her friends from Willochra Homes, a special afternoon tea was held to mark the momentous occasion.

Judith Addison, Maude's daughter reflected on her mother's life telling of her childhood, growing up as one of eight and then her own experiences as a mother.

"She was the fourth child of eight children in the family. She was the first girl and she often told me stories of having to make pancakes for her brothers but she never got any herself.

"She didn't have a career, she did mainly house keeping and farm work. She belonged to the baptist church and was Sunday school teacher in Port Lincoln. She married in Port Lincoln and had three children there before moving to Crystal Brook in 1949," Judith explained.

Their move from the Eyre Peninsula was prompted by Maude's asthma but she soon settled into her new home.

There is no family history of others reaching 100-years-old, yet Judith explains her mum suffered a heart attack at the age of 86 and after some stents, the doctors told her 'you'll be right until you're 100'.

"He was right," Judith said, "he must've known something that we didn't know. She has just kept going and kept exercising, walking and always doing social activities."

Maude has been looking forward to her birthday celebration. Upon turning 100 she received a letter from both Queen Elizabeth II and the Governor-General of Australia, Peter Cosgrove.

Judith reflects on how incredibly proud she is of her mum, from all of her achievements in Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula to Crystal Brook in the Mid North.

"I am very proud because I have seen all the hard work that she has done over the years and it is just one of those days that you can't explain to anybody unless you have been there," Judith said.