Samuel Peter Mattey receives OAM for his service to the local government and community

ORDER OF AUSTRALIA: Mardi Jennings and Samuel Peter Mattey who has received a Medal of the Order of Australia. Image provided.

ORDER OF AUSTRALIA: Mardi Jennings and Samuel Peter Mattey who has received a Medal of the Order of Australia. Image provided.

Samuel Peter Mattey has been named on the Queen's birthday honours to be receiving a Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to local government and the community.

Peter's resume of council service includes 41 years as Mayor and a Councillor for the Regional Council of Goyder and as a Councillor for the previous District Council of Hallett.

His start in council was early, at the age of 24-years-old. Following the passing of his father who was also a Councillor, he decided to put his name into the race and get himself elected.

"I have been in council for 41 years since then. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of the business side of it, seeing the people have minimum rate levels and getting their value for money that they put in to local government," Mr Mattey said.

As his career in local government flourished, Mr Mattey, who lives near Terowie, also nominated for the role of chair at the Legatus Group which facilitates the co-ordination, advocacy and representation of the constituent councils at a regional level.

I am honoured to get one. It is not the reason you do it. You do these sorts of things for a whole lot of other reasons, to be honest I have never even thought about it.

Samuel Peter Mattey

He explains that he really enjoyed the position in the group and being able to be an advocate for the region.

"I enjoyed Legatus very much, I enjoy dealing with politicians and trying to get better situations for regional South Australia. That is what being on the Local Government Association (LGA) board is all about. We struggle to get recognition for regional South Australia, we are trying to maintain our services," he explained.

"It is an on-going thing. You have to look at grant opportunities that are useful to your community. It is the on-going business of the region. We represent the region trying to get more funding, especially at the moment with the Horrocks Highway and the Barrier Highway."

From being a member of the Country Fire Service (CFS) for 30 years, a past chair and board member of the Peterborough Hospital for 28 years, a member on the Mid North Regional Development Board and member of the South Australian Regional Organisation of Councils, Mr Mattey says there is a benefit to being a local.

"People know you and feel a lot more comfortable to approach you," he said.

Mr Mattey is incredibly honoured to receive the medal and says he has never even thought about the work he does as the recognition is not the reason he does it.