Regions, farmers not forgotten: SA Budget 2019

Regions, farmers not forgotten: SA Budget 2019

Regions and Primary Industries have featured in the latest State Budget with a number of road and infrastructure projects receiving funds to either continue or begin works.

One of the largest projects is $878m of new funding for regional roads and infrastructure which will include major works on the Eyre, Sturt, Barrier and Horrocks highways.

Regional Development and Primary Industries Minister Tim Whetstone said government would also deliver funding for the Dog Fence which is in need of repair.

"This budget also provides $25 million to upgrade the 100-year-old Dog Fence, which our primary producers have long-identified as a key piece of infrastructure to protect our livestock industry," Mr Whetstone said.

"The Marshall Liberal Government, working collaboratively with the Morrison Coalition Government and industry, will deliver this multi-generational investment with the Federal and State Governments providing $10 million each and industry providing $5 million.

"Our regions contribute around $25 billion a year to our state's economy and we want to see continued growth."

Funding for primary industries include a $7.5 million for the Red Meat and Wool Program to improve productivity and $5 million to protect SA's horticulture industry against biosecurity threats.

Also included in the Budget is -

  • $75m to address critical housing needs in remote communities
  • $15.5m to upgrade regional high schools to facilitate the transition of Year 7 into high school
  • $10m to facilitate new minerals discoveries and new mine development in our regions.
  • $4.5m to support the CFS to meet national heavy vehicle laws.
  • $4m to secure our regional coastline.
  • $3.3m to upgrade our parks to activate nature and heritage based tourism.

The government also want to target certain areas including -

  • Modernising industry legislation including creating a consolidated Biosecurity Act
  • Develop recommendations on a reform package for South Australia's Marine Scalefish Fishery.
  • Establish a new Seafood Advisory Forum to facilitate seafood sector development.
  • Undertake a Pacific Oyster selective breeding program.
  • Develop a rapid DNA damage diagnostic protocol to assess irradiation efficacy for pest management.
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