Town of Redhill to celebrate 150 years

CELEBRATION: Frank Hayes and Brownyn Mumford at the iconic horse at the Redhill roadhouse.
CELEBRATION: Frank Hayes and Brownyn Mumford at the iconic horse at the Redhill roadhouse.

On July 14, the town of Redhill will reminisce on the history created 150 years ago when it was proclaimed.

With a full day of activities including church services from 9 am, stalls at Mortimer Park from 11, jumping castles, face painting, historical tours and displays, a lunch from 11.30 to 12.30 and special visitors; organisers are excited to see those with Redhill connections be reunited.

"As a community now we tend to spread out and go and never come back. I think it is a good thing to bring everyone together," committee member of the Redhill Development Association Bronwyn Mumford said.

"I think it is a good thing to bring not only the town together, but to bring people who used to live here and their families back to see what has changed. Also to meet and greet and bring everyone back together again."

In preparation for the celebrations, residents of Redhill and the outlying regions have found themselves digging up parts of history which they had not previously known about.

Chairman of the development association Frank Hayes says that this has sparked a positive conversation about how they can further improve their town.

"It is about relating to history and it also gets us to think about what we could do to improve the town. There are lots of jobs getting done now that would not have happened unless we had a celebration," he said.

Mr Hayes' family has been in the town since its proclamation in 1869 and remembers what things were like in his and his father's childhood, compared to today.

"When my dad was little, there were two hotels, two butchers, a police station, a bakery, a doctor used to consult here. The school, we lost it in 1994 due to lack of numbers. The railways were big here, we had cottages here when I was little.

"All are welcome. We are catering for a lot of people and we are just hoping that people who had some association with Redhill and want a day out with their kids, it is a chance to catch up and have a little bit of fun," he said.